Using PEO Select to find you a professional employer organization (PEO) will get you a better deal. PEO’s offer several benefits, including streamlined HR processes, access to better employee benefits and insurance rates, compliance assistance, risk management, and cost savings through economies of scale. Additionally, PEOs allow businesses to focus more on their core operations while outsourcing administrative tasks.

The amount a company can save by using a PEO varies depending on factors such as company size, industry, and specific services offered by the PEO. However, studies have shown potential savings ranging from 10% to 40% on HR-related costs, including payroll processing, employee benefits, and administrative expenses.


Access to Better Rates

PEOs often leverage their collective bargaining power to negotiate competitive rates on health insurance plans, providing cost savings for businesses.

Broader Selection of Plans

PEOs typically offer a range of health insurance options from multiple providers, allowing companies to choose plans that best fit their employees’ needs and budget.

Compliance Support

PEOs assist companies in navigating complex health insurance regulations and ensure compliance with state and federal laws, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

Workers comp

Risk management expertise

PEOs have specialized knowledge and resources to help mitigate workplace risks, reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries and claims.

Cost Savings

PEOs can often secure better workers’ compensation insurance rates due to their collective purchasing power, potentially resulting in lower premiums for client companies.

Claims Administration

PEOs handle workers’ compensation claims administration, including paperwork, filings, and communications with insurers, freeing up time and resources for client companies to focus on their core business operations.

Human Resources

Streamlined HR Processes

PEOs provide expertise and technology to streamline HR tasks such as payroll processing, benefits administration, and employee onboarding, saving time and reducing administrative burden for client companies.

Compliance Assistance

PEOs stay up-to-date with ever-changing employment laws and regulations, helping companies navigate complex HR compliance requirements and reducing the risk of legal issues or penalties.

Access to HR Expertise

PEOs offer access to HR professionals who can provide guidance on employee relations, performance management, training, and other HR-related matters, enhancing overall HR effectiveness within client companies.